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Tips and Tricks

Instant Pot

You may have heard people talking about this thing called the “Instant Pot” while cruising online, on your social media feed or while chatting with friends.  In my case, it was last Fall when my mom kept telling me how great this thing she called…

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Lemons & Limes

Using freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice provides an incredible flavour boost.  Although you can always squeeze by hand, there are a few tools that I love to use. I have enough strain on my wrists from typing all day, the last thing I want…

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There is nothing quite like a warm bowl of soup, whether it’s served as a starter or as a meal itself.  My love for soup started with chicken noodle, always with extra noodles and has evolved into a love for creamy vegetable type soups also….

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Flavourful Fresh Ingredients

Many of my recipes incorporate “garlic puree”, “ginger puree” or “green chili puree”.  You actually can’t buy these ingredients at the store!  Let me clarify, you can certainly purchase ready made products and while this will work, there is no real substitute for the immense…

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