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My father-in-law has told me that having grandchildren is like having a great love affair.  You enjoy them and then get to leave them when you have had enough!  Yes, he is joking (I think).  As a parent and not yet a grandparent, there is no leaving my children and thus when they are out of school, scheduling activities to keep them amused is a must.

Although going out to do activities is enjoyable, it’s also the costliest choice so looking for fun activities at home is necessary.  One of my favourite things to do with my kids is to involve them in our meal plan for the week and have them help me make these meals in the kitchen.  My children actually surf the net looking for kid friendly recipes to try and they have kid cookbooks from the school library that they pick up in advance of March break.  Not only are they having fun and perhaps learning a few things along the way but we are spending quality time together and most importantly they are occupied.

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