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There is nothing quite like a warm bowl of soup, whether it’s served as a starter or as a meal itself.  My love for soup started with chicken noodle, always with extra noodles and has evolved into a love for creamy vegetable type soups also.  It’s quick, easy and can be healthy.  It’s also a great way to use up a big batch of veggies that may otherwise go to waste.

Although you can buy cans or packages of soup, making soup at home is almost just as easy and far more delicious.  There is always vegetable and chicken stock cubes in my kitchen cupboard for this very reason.

Here are some of my family’s favourite soups:

  1. Baked potato soup
  2. Beef barley
  3. Cabbage soup
  4. Chicken noodle (sometimes I throw in chopped veggies and chicken pieces for a heartier version)
  5. Chickpeas and potatoes (Indian recipe available in my first cookbook coming soon)
  6. Chinese cream corn soup
  7. Cream of broccoli topped with shredded cheddar
  8. Cream of carrot spiked with ginger
  9. Cream of cauliflower topped with shredded cheddar
  10. Cream of celery with croutons for texture
  11. Cream of spinach (great way to use spinach before it welts)
  12. Cream of tomato served with bread to scoop
  13. French onion soup
  14. Italian wedding soup
  15. Japanese ramen noodle soup
  16. Lentil mix
  17. Pasta and beans
  18. Potato and leek
  19. Thai chicken coconut soup
  20. Tortellini soup
  21. Vegetable barley
  22. Vietnamese pho noodle soup

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