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Jasmine Daya

JD in the Kitchen

Jasmine Daya aka JD in the Kitchen has released a brand new cookbook called JD in the Kitchen: Indian Appetizers and Chutneys. We welcomed her back to Morning Live this morning to share a few recipes from the book. Follow on Instagram & Facebook Source : https://www.chch.com/jd-in-the-kitchen/

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Indian Sweet Snacks (Recipe!)

Simple steps mixed with standout flavours is the recipe behind JD In the Kitchen: Indian Sweet Snacks, a new cookbook focusing on delish confections wreitten by Toronto-based personal injury lawyer and seasoned home cook, Jasmine Daya. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Instant Pot

You may have heard people talking about this thing called the “Instant Pot” while cruising online, on your social media feed or while chatting with friends.  In my case, it was last Fall when my mom kept telling me how great this thing she called…

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