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Friday night is usually “movie night” at my house.  I’m often exhausted from the week and piling on the sofa with my husband and kiddies after dinner is finished, showers have been taken and pajamas are on, is PERFECT!

Although, popcorn and potato chips always make a great snack, every once in a while, we make it a “special” movie night with a treat that I’ve prepared in the kitchen.  Smores always bring a huge smile to my kids’ faces, something about the warmth of the smooshy marshmallow and oozing with melted chocolate gets them every time.

Some other great movie night treats that are quick, easy and delicious:

  1. Fruit pieces such as apples, pears or strawberries dipped in chocolate
  2. Fruit kebabs (with some chocolates on the side)
  3. Chocolate fondue with a fruit platter
  4. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows floating on top
  5. Rice Krispy squares
  6. Ice cream sundaes – line up syrup, sprinkles and any little chocolate pieces you have
  7. Cookies and milk – I still love double stuffed Oreos dipped in milk!
  8. Custard and berries
  9. Warm chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream – Microwave whatever chocolate chip cookies are in your cupboard and place them on top of vanilla ice cream scoops.
  10. Funnel cake – recipe coming soon!

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